Where to Find Us


As of this writing, 501cFCU™ preferred location in on the Eastern Shore as part of our headquarters, the future Startup-2-Small Biz Market Exchange. Following the loss of our chosen location when the HubZone map changed, the 501c Business Incubator Council™ has resumed research & site visits for our formal Headquarters location.

Regardless of where our Headquarters is located, our Startup-2-Small Biz Market Exchange is home to our 501cFCU™ will have national presence with at least 1 Branch in each of the 50 States, DC, Puerto Rico as well a virtually and digitally to deliver fintech services to our business customers.

When its al done, we’ll have several brick-n-mortar stores. Help us get the word out with some T-Shirts.

Visit our T-Shirt Store on Bonfire, and thanks for supporting our empowerment efforts.


The 501c Federal Credit Union™ is part of a group of tax-exempt “Startup-2-Small Business™” empowerment charities that form EEF-501c’s Collaborative of Charities.

Together and individually, these new organizations all represent the first entities of their kind to serve 501c Startups, Entrepreneurs & the Tax-Exempt Small Business, nationwide.

Instead of complaining about being excluded, we’ve been building an self-serving empowerment infrastructure that leads by example as it works to eliminate gaps that should not be there.

The result we see pollinates the success of an ignored and underserved segment of the small business market that also auto-regenerates itself.