Founding Supporters

Thank you for your patience as we work to complete the site!



Interviews are underway to convene our Charter Planning Committee (CPC), some banking and/or credit union experience is required.

Letter of Support (LOS)

Letters of Support for establishing an 501cFCU™ are being graciously accepted by its lead charity and fiscal sponsor, The Learners Lab Foundation Tax-Exempt Small Business Collaborative, and its parent entity, The Competence Group, LLC. Feel free to email

In keeping with NCUA requirements, organizational correspondence must be on company letterhead. Individual support letters are more than welcome and should be formal in nature with a personalized name & address heading.

Financial Contributions

We are in the process of arranging both crowdfunding and direct donation campaigns to accept financial contributions. That information will be made available only on this page once all those arrangements have been finalized.

Checks vs. Online Contributions

For those who prefer to issue checks, for security purposes that address information will not be published. Kindly email us at to request the donation form.

In all cases, kindly assure your Letter accompanies your donation and includes the Payable To: The 501cFCU and the PO Box or Secure Mailing address information as preferred.

The mailing address for presenting Letters of Support and Contributions is as follows:
The 501c Federal Credit Union (501cFCU)™
c/o The Learners Lab Foundation (TLLF)™
Post Office Box 1715
Berlin, Maryland 21811


Any Financial Support received will go towards any required expenditures leading up to and including the FCUs chartering process, facilitating its initial operations, the opening of its banking services, the pre-launch of any specialty programs exclusive to 501cFCU™, the construction of its interim, first or permanent location(s) – in whole or in part. This is especially true for 501cFCU™ exclusive program offerings whose designs are awaiting review by the 501cFCU™ future Charter Planning Committee.

These and other activities in the formal establishment of The 501c Federal Credit Union will be made possible in large part due to the direct financial contributions of individuals, for profit business concerns, and our peer 501cs.


On behalf of those we have already helped and the thousands more we look forward to helping, we cannot thank you enough for considering a contribution.

The Learners Lab Foundation, Inc. filed for its tax-exempt status with the IRS in November 2014, that status was granted February 2015. Its Tax exempt approval brings with it the authority to Fiscally Sponsor any current, pending, planned, or future 501c and it does so for those at the idea/entity formation, incubator phase of pursuing tax-exempt status forward to completion and award of their tax-exempt status. Such authority also includes the acceptance of financial and other contributions on behalf if entities it Fiscally Sponsors.

As such, along with our NCTSB, our national chamber, ATESE, our founders association and All other [new] sibling charities, The Learners Lab Foundation is open to accept grants and donations of any kind as our Fiscal Sponsor. This is in addition to external 501c startups and small business 501cs that apply for fiscal sponsorships with TLLF, but it will do so as the Lead Charity of its parent LLCs 501c small business collaborative.

ALL donations made to The Foundation on behalf any of its sponsored Fiscal Sponsorship Awardees are considered eligible as tax-deductible contributions as long as they fall within the IRS published guidelines. While The Foundation will issue Donation Acknowledgement and Thank You Letters to all donations it received, only the IRS can apply the tax deductible status to a contribution.

So if the tax-deductibility of a pending contribution is unclear, please consult a Tax Attorney with questions or for any clarifications you require to assure your contribution complies.

As details for our funding initiatives are finalized, we will publish that information here first.

Please stay tuned as more information is coming.

Thank you again for patience and for supporting our work.