Who we are

The 501c Federal Credit Union (501cFCU) is part of a growing collaborative of economic development, financial, communications and professional development charitable offerings established & managed by its parent entity, the 501c Business Incubator Council, LLC and for it lead public charity, the Economic Empowerment Foundation for Exempt Startups & Small Businesses (EEF-501c).

As of this viewing, the 501cFCU’s interim home website is


Images on this website are provided to us. Unless expressly writing otherwise, all images remain the property of its original designer/develop and/or the entity (individual or business) that shared it with us.

The FCU’s business incubator parent entity may elect to include this site in our catalog of Business Image Directory (BID) Listings sites as part of our global internal system of cross-available resources our Startup & Entrepreneurial Stakeholders need. Images shared with us are published as provided, and you should be aware that Visitors to any website may be able to download and extract any location data from images on the website.

While those actions are beyond our control, care will be taken to ensure images, with whatever meta/location data is attached to it my be captured by Visitors wanting such information.


This site does not accept comments and is not deliberately configured to use Cookies. Updates to WP Themes occur randomly and as such may override pre-configuration. While Cookies are available for Visitor convenience cannot control the availability As such we will not be held responsible. Be advised that cookies can last one year or longer.

As of now there are no plans to establish an account management or comment system onthis site, therefore not requiring administrativeoverhead.

however, should that change and we establish some form of account requiring user administration and management of it, you shall visit our login page, we will set a temporary cookie to determine if your browser accepts cookies. This cookie contains no personal data and is discarded when you close your browser.

When you log in, cookies will facilitate the set up and preservation of any login data, rights and permission as well as your screen display choices. Login cookies typically have a two-day (2) Time-to-Live (TTL) cycle with some screen setting cookies lasting a year. An example of his is “Remember Me”, when yuo instruct your device browser to recall login data.

Who Do Not Share Data

Since we do not intent or attempt collection of any data, dataset or residual information, there is NO EFFORT to share data or information. While in public use space we will work to prevent any compromise to this and all of our other web products for our charities, supporting orgs, programs, products, resources, services, and/or connections in general.

What rights you have over your data

Should you establish an account on this interim site for our credit union, understand that should there be any data we are legally obliged to keep will only be for administrative, legal, or security purposes.