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Interviews are underway to convene our Charter Planning Committee (CPC), some banking and/or credit union experience is required.

Leadership Volunteers are also needed. We have more than 200 positions available across the Collaborative, about 25 or so are ASAP roles required for launch of its respective entity and to integrate additional functionalities. Most are remote, some remote with some onsite, a hand full are on site in the Maryland/DC/Delaware region. Email for our list of opportunities. We will include information on our restructure & expansion which will also reveal how our roles are crafted for growth & cross pollination.

All roles begin as Volunteer, they are also open to transition to 1099 or W2 as desired.

Letter of Support (LOS)

Letters of Support for establishing an 501cFCU™ shall be graciously accepted by its lead charity and fiscal sponsor, Economic Empowerment Foundation for Exempt Startups & Small Businesses (EEF-501c)™, and its parent entity, 501c Business Incubator Council, LLC™ throughout the entire Chartering Process which could take between 1-2 years

Feel free to email if guidance is needed, thank for understanding we do get to emails but it is not possible to review on a daily basis until we have Stipend support funding in place to secure part time Communications Interns/Fellows from our Academic Partnership Initiative (API)™. API™ launches this year along with several other programs and support services.

In keeping with NCUA requirements, organizational correspondence must be on company letterhead. Individual support letters are more than welcome and should be formal in nature with a personalized name & address heading.

The mailing address accepting Donations and 501cFCU Letters of Support is:
501c Business Incubator Council, LLC™
ATTN: The 501c Federal Credit Union (501cFCU)™
Post Office Box 609
Bowie, Maryland 20718


As parent entity to 501cFCU™ the 501c Biz Incubator Council is overseeing the compliance and pre-launch operations, including support and contribution management. To keep things simple, and are accepting support/contributions at our Post Office Box as well as thru Secure Link complements of Square that processes directly to the Credit Union Partner hosting our account.

We are also considering a crowdfunding initiative but as of this date we are only direct donation open so as not to have financial contributions eaten up by 3rd party fees, More importantly, for planning purposes we have instant access to Donor contact information to research etching & other acknowledgement thank-you’s and visibility preferences.

Any updated or new information will be made available only on this page once all those details have been finalized.

Unless requesting anonymity, the names of all FCU Donors, Sponsors, and Contributors both Individual and Corporate will be published on this website.

On behalf of ALL the Exempt Startups, Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses we’ve helped, Fiscally Sponsored, advised, or just lent an ear to, our Heartfelt Thanks to everyone who has provided Letters of Support and donations.

And Thanks in Advance to anyone considering supporting this first every banking resource for Exempt Entities or any of our other gap-filling, empowerment efforts.

We’d built what they’ve needed and unable to access or utilize anywhere else decades ago but no where near the scale required to meet demand. A demand that continues to explode.

Your support will help relaunch, staff, supply, expand the reach digitally, nationally & linguistically, and much, much more.

Checks vs. Online Contributions

For those who prefer to issue checks, as part of the Foundations web hosting environment and platform transition, we have suspended online donations for the time time. Kindly email us at to request the donation form. Assure your Letter accompanies your donation and is made Payable To: The 501c Federal Credit Union (501cFCU) using Secure Mailing address provided in the donation form.

We have to categories of contributions: Donations and Compliance/Operating Support.

Donated funds will be used to Fund the FCUs capacity to deliver financial services, even Fintech services ahead of its charter if possible.

Compliance/Operating Support funds will go towards any required expenditures leading up to and including the FCUs chartering process, facilitating its initial operations, the opening of its banking services, the pre-launch of any specialty programs exclusive to 501cFCU™, the construction of its interim, first or permanent location(s) – in whole or in part. This is especially true for 501cFCU™ exclusive program offerings whose designs are awaiting review by the 501cFCU™ future Charter Planning Committee.

Moneys from our Helping Hand Fund (HHF) will also go toward both financial reserve funding as well as operating, compliance funding, even stipends for finance interns & fellows.

BOTH Donated and and Compliance/Operating Support funds may be used too help build 501cFCUs initial financial reserves and will be included as a strategic component to our Capital Funding Plan.

These and other activities in the formal establishment of The 501c Federal Credit Union will be made possible in large part due to the direct financial contributions of individuals, for profit business concerns, and our peer 501cs.

On behalf of those we have already helped and the thousands more we look forward to helping, we cannot thank you enough for considering a contribution.

EEF-501c. filed for its tax-exempt status with the IRS in November 2014 was granted under our original Learners Lab name in February 2015.

Tax exempt approval brings with it the authority to Fiscally Sponsor any current, pending, planned, or future 501c and it does so for those at the idea/entity formation, incubator phase of pursuing tax-exempt status forward to completion and award of their tax-exempt status. We serve pending, future, or IRS approved exempt startup & small businesses across all 25+ 501c classifications.

Such authority also includes the acceptance of financial and other contributions on behalf if entities it Fiscally Sponsors for which legalities mandate an Admin Fee be paid to it.

As such, along with our NCTSB, our national chamber, ATESE, our founders association and All other [new] sibling charities, EEF-501c is authorized to accept grants and donations in its capacity as Fiscal Sponsor. As the Lead Charity of the Biz Incubator Council, EEF-501c, continues to serve as Fiscal Sponsor to any US based 501c. including DC & PR.

For more information or to share with an Exempt Entrepreneur who may need assistance, feel free to visit the Fiscal Sponsorship Program website at To learn more about our peer driven Membership organizations, visit

ALL donations made to The Foundation on behalf any of its sponsored Fiscal Sponsorship Awardees are considered eligible as tax-deductible contributions as long as they fall within the IRS published guidelines. While The Foundation will issue Donation Acknowledgement and Thank You Letters to all donations it received, only the IRS can apply the tax deductible status to a contribution.

So if the tax-deductibility of a pending contribution is unclear, please consult a Tax Attorney with questions or for any clarifications you require to assure your contribution complies.

As details for our funding initiatives are finalized, we will publish that information here first.

Please stay tuned as more information updated or appended as often as our Intern Volunteers are able to access the site. And please do excuse any delays, we are a few working c-suite volunteers, most travel globally, sharing ALL task to complete as quickly as is possible.

Thank you again for patience and for supporting current and future 501c Startups, Entrepreneurs & the Tax-Exempt Small Business concern.

Take Care and Stay Safe!